Terms of employment


You do not need to worry about accommodation. NWH Jobs takes care of it for you. We have a range of accommodation types available in the region. We even take care of the furnishings and inventory for you. Because we believe it is important for agency workers to feel at home in the Netherlands. It means you can enjoy going to work and our customers can count on motivated staff.


Punctual and safe travel from your home to work is of course important. If you work via NWH Jobs, we will arrange that transport for you. NWH Jobs has its own fleet of cars and minibuses. You can recognise them from our logo. If you live close to where you work, a NWH Jobs bicycle will be provided for you.

Working clothes

Protective and safe clothing and shoes are required for certain activities. Depending on the sort of work you are doing, we will ensure that you have the right clothing. This includes a waterproof suit and boots.

Collective Labour Agreement and salary

If you work as an agency worker for NWH Jobs, you will receive a weekly salary. Your salary is based on the hours worked and is in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement in place and the associated job scale. NWH Jobs has also arranged collective health insurance for its employees outside of the Netherlands. In practical terms, it means that you are well insured against sickness-related costs.