Reliability is at NWH Jobs top priority. That is why we comply with the following certifications.
You can confidently do business with us!

NEN 4400-1: the standard for the agency work sector

NWH Jobs holds NEN 4400-1 certification. This is the standard for the agency work sector and thus critical on the list of certificates.
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VRO: in the interests of the employer and the employee

NWH Jobs is affiliated with the VRO Foundation. In short, this means that we are reliable and bona fide. The VRO Foundation promotes honest competition among customers, agency worker organisations and (sub) contractors. They combat fraud and illegal actions by companies in both the Netherland and abroad and support honest competitive relations. They use a sophisticated system to establish whether companies are bona fide.

NWH Jobs complies with the ‘VCU’ safety management system

VCU is the Safety Checklist for Temporary Work Agencies (Veiligheids Checklist Uitzendbureaus). There is regular testing in the form of audits by a certified organisation, in this instance by TUV. This body assesses NWH Jobs in accordance with VCU checklist criteria, i.e.:

  • Safety and health organisation and policy
  • Flexi-worker selection, personal details and document management
  • Explanations and instructions for flexi-workers

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Chamber of Commerce registration

NWH Jobs is a trading name and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the number 28116166.
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Tax authorities

NWH Jobs has a statement of good payment conduct from the tax authorities and uses a ‘G-account’. This is a blocked account that ensures salary and sales tax, and social security premium payments are not evaded. NWH Jobs complies with all payment obligations.
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