NWH Jobs provides staff to various sectors. This includes of:


NWH Jobs has experienced and hard-working seasonal workers for nurseries, growers and other agricultural and horticultural businesses. They have accumulated their experience across various different activities. From planting, harvesting and sorting through to packing and getting the product ready for dispatch. NWH Jobs is strongly represented in the agricultural sector. Because we have our own flower-growing business, we understand better than anyone what you as a customer need.


The logistics sector is shifting constantly. Demand for good, reliable logistics staff is thus increasing by the day. NWH Jobs has broad experience in the logistics sector. Every day, our people are at work as order pickers, loaders/unloaders, fork-lift truck drivers and dispatch workers, among other jobs.



Warehouses, packing companies and printers have long been able to count on the support of our production workers. To guarantee the constant deployment of new people, we have a large database of suitable and motivated candidates. From conveyor belt work to getting goods ready for dispatch, they are eager to start working for you!

Metal, construction and technology

In the metal, construction and technology sectors you need to be able to build on your staff, figuratively speaking. You want to work with real experts who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. People with a proactive approach. And people with an eye for detail who deliver quality and have a concern for safety. NWH Jobs is the place to go.

If the particular role requires a VCA diploma, we can also organise that for our agency workers.